How it Works

Studying with PerformScents®

Have you ever caught the scent of a particular aroma and had an instant flashback to a certain time, place or person? That’s because when you smell a scent, a direct link to the memory centre in your brain is created. This memory centre is known as the ‘Hippocampus’. In addition, smells also connect to the part of your brain that processes your emotions called the ‘Amygdala’. It’s therefore no surprise that scents and aromas can have a powerful effect on your memory, learning, performance and emotions.

In recent scientific studies, scientists discovered that scents which produce positive memories can reduce stress and increase key brain functions. Certain scents are scientifically proven to improve memory, concentration, sustained attention and cognitive function, all boosting productivity.

PerformScents® is based on these scientific principles. Studying with a PerformScents® Essential Oil in your PerformScents® Diffuser is proven to increase your performance, allowing your brain to create a direct memory link between ‘that’ selected scent and the subject you are studying.

By taking ‘that’ scent into your exam on a PerformScents® Wristband, you are switching your brain to focus onto ‘that’ subject and access the hours of studying you have completed. Furthermore, you are calming down any exam stress you may have and increasing your ability to focus and perform.

It’s a brain hack that is scientifically proven!