About PerformScents®

Hello! My name is Catherine and I am the creator and founder of PerformScents®.

The idea for PerformScents® came to me when I was 15 years old, studying for my National 5 Exams at high school in Scotland. I wanted to do well in my exams and was always looking for tips to improve my study time and help me study for success on exam day.

Whilst studying, I would play my favourite study tunes and wear a cosy sweater. I also learned that certain aromas were scientifically proven to increase brain function such as memory. So, during study time I would use natural aroma oils, these selected scents fired up my brain for learning.

I selected different smells for different subjects, training my brain to link the particular scent with the particular subject. It really helped my study time to become as focused and productive as possible.

When I came to sit my exams, I knew I couldn’t play my favourite study tunes or wear my cosy sweater in the exam hall. I realised I could wear my ‘subject scents’ – my ‘PerformScents’. I created a scented wristband to wear during my exam and scented it with the same essential oil, for each subject, that I used during my study time.

I was feeling confident. When I sat down in the exam hall, the scent from my wristband immediately switched my brain onto that subject. I could remember all those hours of studying – all the facts, formulas and details. The nerves were gone, and I actually enjoyed my exams.

At age 16 I gained 7 A grades at National 5 level. At 17, I gained 5 A’s at Higher level. At 18, I gained 3 A’s at Advanced Higher level. 15 A’s in total. I was offered 4 unconditional places at University and chose the one I wanted. I am now studying Architecture in Glasgow, Scotland.

Exam results all A's

This technique worked for me! It also worked for my younger sister who at 16, has already gained 7 A’s at National 5 and 5 A's in her Scottish Highers.

I passionately believe in education and know how stressful exams and studying for them can be. I wanted to share my technique and designed a selection of products to create PerformScents®, launching the company as my first start-up in 2019.

Our PerformScents® diffuser, 100% natural essential oils and wristbands, along with my ‘PerformScents® Study Guide’, which matches the best essential oil to the right subject, will help to transform your study routine and your exam day performance.

In 2020, we, like many other companies were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have reacted positively identifying more and more of us are working from home. Our Diffusers and Essential oils are exactly what’s needed to freshen up your workspace. Our specially selected Essential Oils offer a range of benefits for mind, body and soul. It’s never been so easy to transform you work, your home or you!

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