The ‘Brain Hack’ that A-Listers are using. Even Zendaya is taking note!

When I discovered the technique of using ‘scent’ to hack my brain and trigger memories for better studying and exam performance in 2014, little did I know that a few years later Hollywood A-Listers would be using the same technique to get into character!

On The Graham Norton Show aired in the UK on the 3rd December 2021, Loki and Dr Who star Gugu Mbatha-Raw described the technique she uses.

Graham Norton led the interview stating “Actors listen up, Gugu, you have a shortcut for a way into characters?”

Gugu replied “Oh yeah, yeah, I, I started … it came from when I had two sort of jobs at the same time. I think I was doing Dr. Who at the same time as doing Spooks, or something like that, and had two characters and I sort of had supporting roles at the same time and, I needed to jump into one and jump into the other so I started using a different Scent for every character that I have and it's, its something that I've really stuck with.”

Joining Gugu on the show were Tom Holland and Zendaya from the new Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie.

On hearing Gugu’s revelation about the power of Scent, Holland nodded his approval, clearly impressed, whist Zendaya mimed the taking of notes to the audiences laughter.

Clearly impressed, Zendaya said, “No, that’s genius actually!”

Gugu continued “It’s so helpful though because, you know, scent and scents memory just kind of takes you into a moment and it sort of takes you away from your own centre, it takes you away from you.

“I played Nel Gwyn at the Globe for example and she was like an orange seller originally and I sort of got this orange sort of citrus scent which is also a really uplifting scent.

“For me I really love it because it helps you sort of differentiate between you and the character and then when you smell that smell again you’re suddenly transported straight back there.”

Tom Holland declared “Cor, I need to start working harder … that is awesome!”

So there you have it! It was great to hear of this application.

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